Soak Up Some Sun While Dining on Our Patio

Soak Up Some Sun While Dining on Our Patio

Grabbing a bite to eat with some friends or a loved one is a great way to unwind after a long day of stress. Did you know that choosing to eat outdoors, such as on a lovely patio like the one here at Sandman's Cheesesteak, could actually benefit your mental and physical health? Learn the benefits of eating outdoors and then stop by the Arena District to kick back on our patio and test out the results yourself.

Get Some Vitamin D

First, consider that you need sun exposure to keep your vitamin D levels high. While you definitely risk a sunburn if you spend hours out in direct sunlight, relaxing on a patio in partial shade allows you to boost vitamin D production without skin damage. Without enough of this essential vitamin, you can experience sleep troubles, depression and general fatigue as well as more serious issues due to a lack of calcium absorption.

Jumpstart Those Brain Waves 

Strolling in the woods, relaxing in a park or even looking out of a window onto a nature scene are activities known to boost your creativity and focus. If you're struggling to stay focused at work, drop by for lunch and take your cheesesteak out on the patio. You'll find it much easier to get your work done when you return to the office just by changing where you choose to eat.

Relax - Simply spending time outside is enough to help your body start lowering cortisol levels, which is a hormone directly linked to stress. So the next time you're feeling frazzled, enjoy your cheesteak to the patio and let the stress wash away.

Boost Your Mood

Spending time unwinding in the sun does help with mild depression and general malaise resulting from a fast-paced lifestyle. Part of this benefit comes from the vitamin D boost you receive from sun exposure, but the effect goes further than that. Winters and even springs in Columbus can be challenging due to the cold temperatures and wet/frozen weather, so enjoying sunny and warm days as much as possible will give you a bank of recent memories to use when you're trying to get through another long stretch with little sun!

Kick the Stress

Finally, don't forget that just going outside is enough to help your body start lowering cortisol levels, which is a hormone directly linked to stress. While the biggest benefits are found by taking a weekend trip to a forest or similar wilderness location, you can still get a sizeable boost in stress relief by spending your lunch break outside.

Of course, you can always eat indoors at Sandman's Cheesesteak if the weather isn't cooperating with your plans. Our indoor dining area is open until 6 p.m., but we definitely recommend the patio as long as the weather is nice. Drop by to sample our delicious sandwiches, including our namesake cheesesteak, and make us your new home for lunch and dinner.