Black Angus Steak Makes for a Better Cheesesteak

Black Angus Steak Makes for a Better Cheesesteak

The perfect cheesesteak sandwich consists of an authentic Amorosa hearth baked roll, high-quality steak and cheese. The Amorosa roll is perfect as the base layer of this delicious sandwich because it has a crusty outside, soft inside and holds up well under a pile of thinly sliced beef. However, even if you’re using the right roll but have the wrong beef, you’ve not yet reached the perfection of a Sandman’s Cheesesteak. That's why we only use Black Angus steak for our sandwiches. 

What's the Deal With Black Angus Steak? 

Angus Aberdeen beef goes back to 16th century Scotland, but it wasn't until 1824 that a man by the name of William McCoy began to improve the stock. In 1873, George Grant bought four Angus bulls and began crossbreeding them with Texas longhorns. The American Angus Association was founded 10 years later in 1883. In 1917, the association barred any red or other colored cattle to be bred in order to promote a Black Angus breed.

Standards of Angus beef were developed in 1978. For the meat to qualify for an Angus Beef label, it must meet a particular level of tenderness, marbling, color and age. The finely marbled meat of Black Angus indicates that the fat is evenly dispersed across the meat. This marbling typically creates more flavorful, tender and juicy meat than that of other breeds of cattle.

Less than 8 percent of all beef earns the Certified Angus Beef® brand seal.

Not all Black Angus is created equal, and unless it bears the Certified Angus Beef® brand seal, it's a lesser product. Required to meet certain standards, less than 8 percent of all beef earns the premium brand seal. Certified Angus Beef® must come from cattle certified 51 percent or more solid black, thus the term Black Angus. With a genetic disposition for genes that make meat well-marbled and flavorful, Black Angus steak is the best by heritage, and the development of perfect beef cattle and provides the highest quality beef on the market.

Why Do We Use Black Angus Beef?

Why start with an Amorosa roll, the authentic Philly cheesesteak roll, if you are going to top it with inferior beef? At Sandman’s Cheesesteak restaurant, we use single-sourced Black Angus because it is the best. With a Sandman Cheesesteak, you get a half-pound of Black Angus steak atop an Amorosa roll. It's then topped with white American cheese, giving you a perfect and authentic sandwich. 

Single sourcing ensures that we can get great quality Black Angus steak and always have enough on hand to make you a perfect cheesesteak in the Arena District.

Ready to Give it a Try?

As a part of the Sandman Gourmet Deli group, Sandman’s Cheesesteak will offer the same high level of quality that you have come to know at our other locations. Located at 111 Nationwide Blvd., we offer a walk-up window and inside seating. Come see us and try a Sandman Cheesesteak where you can grab your order from the window or sit down and enjoy the best authentic cheesesteak in Columbus. 

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